10th International Conference on Mobility Challenges

Université Paris-Dauphine (salles A709 + A710) - Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris
6 December 2023 to 7 December 2023 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The Chairs Armand Peugeot, Energy and Prosperity, and Climate Economics are organizing, on December 6th an 7th, 2023, the 10th edition of the annual international Conference on Mobility Challenges.

Every year, the conference brings together people from academia and industry to propel us to the frontier of important challenges at the interface of automotive, energy and mobility industries. We welcome speakers from multiple backgrounds (technical as well as more in the business domain) and this mix has been proven fertile soil for insights and contacts, as well as new questions and ambitions.

The first day consists of a series of keynotes and round-tables, whereas the
second day is research oriented with paper presentations.

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Wednesday December 6th – Room A709

9h00-9h15: Introduction
Anna Creti (U. Dauphine)

9h15-10h45: Smart charging of electric Vehicles: Taking Stocks, looking ahead
Chair: Jan Lepoutre (Essec Business School).

  • TBA. Willett Kempton (Delaware University, United States)
  • Standards for EV smart charging: A guide for local authorities. Jaap Burger (The Regulatory Assistance Project)
  • Smart Charging for all. Frank Geerts (Elaad)

10h45-11h15: Coffee Break

11h15-12h45: Affordability of mobility solutions
Chair: Maria Eugenia Sanin (CEPS, U. Paris-Saclay, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité).

  • Transport affordability: a primer. Giulio Mattioli (TU Dortmund University, Germany & CREDS, UK)
  • How do car drivers adjust their gasoline consumption with short run price changes? Odran Bonnet (Insee) with Tristan Loisel (Insee), Lionel Wilner (Insee) & Étienne Fize (Conseil d’analyse économique)
  • Multiple solutions for a fair transition. Marie Degremont (La Fabrique de la cité)

12h45-14h15: Lunch

14h15-15h45: Public Policies
Chair: Anna Creti (U. Paris Dauphine).

  • Subsidizing EV over time: The role of direct substitutes. Juan Pablo Montero (U. Pontificia de Chile & MIT-CEEPR, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité) with Ariane Bousquet (U. Paris-Saclay and Renault) & María-Eugenia Sanin (CEPS, U. Paris-Saclay, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité)
  • TBA. Julien Hardelin (CGDD, Ministère de la Transition écologique)
  • Pigouvian transport pricing in practice. Hintermann Beat (Basel University, Switzerland)

15:45-16h15: Coffee Break

16h15-18h15: Round-table on critical materials for sustainable mobility
Chair: Maria Eugenia Sanin (CEPS, U. Paris-Saclay, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité).

Thursday, December 7th – Rooms A709 and A710


Session 1: Electric Vehicle economics
Chair: Yannick Perez (CentraleSupelec)

  • Smart Markets for Real-Time Allocation of Multiproduct Resources: The Case of Shared Electric Vehicle. Wolfgang Ketter (U. of Cologne)
  • An integrative strategy for the introduction of electric vehicles in the Canary Islands using the Q method. Francisco Ramos Real (U. La Laguna)
  • Business models for charging infrastructures : The case of Tenerife. Diego Cerbreros (CentraleSupélec and Stellatis)
  • An analysis of the electric vehicle purchaser in an isolated system from an economic and psychosocial perspective. María Gracia Rodríguez Brito (U. La Laguna)

Session 2: Aviation and other transport policies
Chair: Marc Baudry (U. Paris Nanterre)

  • Do airlines adopt sustainable aviation fuels under modal competition? S. Bravo (ENAC)
  • Scenarios for e-fuels adoption. P. Bardon (SciencesPo, Paris)
  • A Merit-Order for Hydrogen End-Uses in Mobility. Albin Kasser (U. Paris-Saclay, Engie, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité) and Maryam Sadighi (U. Paris-Saclay, Engie, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité)
  • Going to work ? The effect of Low Emission Zones. M. Bahalali (U.Dauphine and CEC)

10h00-11h15: Coffee Break


Session 3: The role of affordability in greening the fleet
Chair: Juan Pablo Montero (U. Pontificia de Chile & MIT-CEEPR, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité)

  • Understanding the dynamics of the used-car market in France. Ariane Bousquet (U. Paris-Saclay, Renault, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité)
  • Scrapping Subsidies in France, a regression in discontinuities approach. Quentin Hoarau (U. Nanterre, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité)
  • Access to affordable mobility: a behavioral economic experiment. Chloé Saurel (U. Poitiers, Chaire Énergie et Prospérité)

Session 4: Alternative transport solutions
Chair: Marc Petit (CentraleSupelec)

  • EV fleet power dispatch strategy for a smarter participation to FCR services P. Dumont (CentraleSupélec and Stellantis)
  • Optimal Pricing for Electric Vehicle Parking Duration under Uncertainty. A. Dupont (EDF)
  • Am I really willing to use my electric vehicle sustainably? A study on the charging preferences of electric vehicles users. Francisco Bahamonde Birke (Tilburg University)

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