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The Energy and Prosperity Chair is hosted by the Risk Foundation of the Louis Bachelier Institute.

On this page, you will find the role, composition and operating procedures of the governance bodies of the Energy and Prosperity Chair: the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee and the scientific evaluation.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall meet at least once a year, or at the written request of one of the Parties, upon prior presentation of an agenda with all the necessary documents. At the request of a Party, the Steering Committee may convene the Steering Committee and/or the Scientific Committee if it deems it necessary.

The Steering Committee shall take note of the activity report prepared for this purpose by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall also take note of the scientific evaluation report on the work of the Chair. The Steering Committee validates, by a two-thirds majority, the proposals for the activities and may influence these orientations, based on the scientific evaluation report. In case of disagreement, the decisions of the Steering Committee are binding.

The Steering Committee votes the annual budget of the Chair. The vote on the annual budget of the Chair is reserved for the representatives of the Financial Partners funding the Chair for that year.
The Steering Committee is chaired by the representative of the Foundation or his/her representative. The President of the Foundation is consulted in the event of disputes between the parties.

The Steering Committee is composed of :

  • Jean-Michel Beacco, representative of the Risk Foundation
  • Jézabel Couppey-Soubeyran, Scientific Head of the Chair
  • Patrick Jolivet, ADEME representative
  • Isabelle Laudier, CDC representative
  • Elodie le Cadre Loret, representative of ENGIE
  • Yann Chazal, representative of RENAULT

Operation Committee

The activities of the Chair are conducted by a Steering Committee composed of :

  • the Scientific Director of the Chair
  • the coordinators of the Chair’s research axes
  • the Secretary General of the Chair

The Steering Committee shall meet regularly or at the written request of either Party, upon prior presentation of an agenda and all necessary documents. Decisions of the Steering Committee shall be taken by consensus. The secretariat of the Steering Committee is provided by the Secretary General of the Chair.

The role of the Steering Committee consists in particular in coordinating and monitoring the programmes and activities of the Chair, monitoring the proper execution of the budget as validated by the Steering Committee, and undertaking any other activity that may prove necessary for the proper execution of the agreement.

The Steering Committee draws up a report for each of the Steering Committee meetings on the work in progress within the Chair and on proposals for new work. It also draws up the budget for the year n-1 and a provisional budget for the coming year.

In order to carry out its mission, the Steering Committee organises a meeting at the end of the year with the financial partners to present and discuss the programme of activities for the coming year:

  • research and research promotion activities in line with the general theme of the Chair,
  • proposals for the organisation of symposia, scientific collaborations at the international level, partnerships with international organisations, public bodies or companies.

Scientific Committee

The scientific evaluation of the Chair’s work is carried out by the scientific executive board of the Risk Foundation.