Our Team

The Energy and Prosperity Chair is a group of researchers whose work aims to inform public and private decision making around the ecological transition. Over 40 researchers contribute to the Energy and Prosperity Chair, as well as around a dozen doctoral and postdoctoral students from various academic institutions, whose work is published in international journals.

The work of the Chair is based on 4 research axis:

Axis 1 – Sectoral Policies for the Ecological Transition

Guy Meunier, Research associate – Axis 1 Research Coordinator
Guy Meunier is a researcher at INRA, unit ALISS, and is a professor at Ecole Polytechnique.
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María Eugenia Sanin, Research associate – Axis 1 Research Coordinator
María-Eugenia Sanin is associate professor in Economic Sciences at the Evry Val d’Essonne University. She also contributes to the research axis 4 on Access to Energy.
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Aurélien Bigo, Research associate
Aurélien Bigo is an independent researcher. His work focuses on mobility and the ecological transition. In 2021, he worked on ADEME’s prospective scenario “Transition(s) 2050”.
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Florence Charue-Duboc, Research associate
Florence Charue-Duboc is a research director at CNRS’ I3-CRG (UMR 9217). She is also a professor at Ecole Polytechnique’s department of innovation and entrepreneurship management.
Caroline Devaux, Research associate
Caroline Devaux is an associate professor in private law at Nantes University. She is affiliated with the Center of maritime and oceanic law (CDMO).
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Andreas Makoto Hein, Research associate
Andreas Hein is a professor in spatial system engineering at SnT, Luxembourg University. He is a Fellow with the Stanford Ignite-Polytechnique program.
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Quentin Hoarau, Research associate
Quentin Hoarau is a post-doctoral researcher at INRAE, where he focuses on the energy transition in the automotive sector.
Maryème Kettani, Research associate
Maryème Kettani is an engineer environment economist at SciencesPo’s Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques (OFCE).
Samuel Klebaner, Research associate
Samuel Klebaner is an associate profesor at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord. He focuses on political and economical conflicts within the manufacturing industry.
Juan Pablo Montero, Research associate
Juan Pablo Montero is an economics professor at the University PUC-Chile. He is a research associate with several universities and research institutes.
Jean-Pierre Ponssard, Research associate and scientific advisor
Jean-Pierre Ponssard is an emeritus research director at the CNRS and research associate at CIRANO. He also contributes to the research axis 4 on Access to Energy.
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Ingmar Schumacher, Research associate
Ingmar Schumacher is a professor of environmental economics at IPAG Business School in Paris. He co-edits the Environmental & Resource Economics journal.
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Emmanuelle Taugourdeau , Research associate
Emmanuelle Taugourdeau is a CNRS Research Fellow at CREST, an associate professor at Ecole Polytechnique and a member of the Institut des Politiques Publiques (IPP).
Farah Doumit, PhD Student
Farah Doumit is working on her thesis about “Water, Energy and Waste, what business models innovations for a transition toward a circular economy?”.
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Maxence Gérard, PhD Student
Maxence Gérard is a PhD student in environmental economics at INRAE, Université Paris-Saclay. His PhD thesis deals with optimal instruments for regulating negative externalities from the livestock sector (with a focus on land use and new dietary habits).
Albin Kasser, PhD Student
Albin Kasser works on his thesis on the economical competition between low-carbon technologies in heavy transport, at INRAE, with the Paris-Saclay Applied Economics lab.
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Maryam Sadighi, PhD Student
Maryam Sadighi is doing her Ph.D. on the economic analysis of clean hydrogen as an energy vector for a carbon-neutral industrial sector, at the Evry-Paris-Saclay University’s EPEE lab.
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Other research associates in this axis: Jean Philippe Nicolaï (GAEL), Nandeeta Neerunjun (CREST-PSAE).
Others PhD students in this axis: Ariane Bousquet (Université Paris Saclay), Maxence Gérard (INRAE, BETA), Anaïs Kanellos (INRAE, BETA).

Axis 2 – Macro-economical and societal challenges of the ecological transition

Antonin Pottier, Research associate – Axis 2 Research Coordinator
Antonin Pottier is a researcher at Cerna (Ecole des mines). He works on the interactions between economics, society and environment.
Emmanuel Combet, Research associate
Emmanuel Combet is a senior economist at ADEME, where he coordinates multidisciplinary prospective program which evaluates public policies and ecological transition scenarios.
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Victor Court, Research associate
Victor Court is a researcher with the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex at Brighton. He works on the interaction between technological change, energy transition, and long-term economic development.
Hadrien Lantremange, Research associate
Hadrien Lantremange is currently doing postdoctoral work at the UMR AGIR at the INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse center, where he works on the development of niche innovations in the agro-food sector.
Jacques Mazier, Research associate
Jacques Mazier is an emeritus professor at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord and member of the CEPN. His research includes international macroeconomics and economical policies.
Florent McIsaac, Research associate
Florent McIsaac is an economist at the World Bank’s Climate Change Group. His work focuses on macroeconomics and climate policy.
Adrien Nguyen Huu, Research associate
Adrien Nguyen Huu is an associate professor in economics at Montpellier University. He works on individual rationality and risk perception, as well as on alternative models for the energy transition.

Axis 3 – Financial regulation and innovative financing for the energy transition

Jézabel Couppey-Soubeyran, Research associate – Scientific Director
Jézabel Couppey-Soubeyran is associate professor at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her research includes financial systems, banks, financial regulation, monetary policies and financing the ecological transition.
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Dominique Plihon, Research associate – Axis 3 Research Coordinator
Dominique Plihon is an emeritus professor in economic sciences at the University Paris 13. He is a member of the Centre d’Economie de Paris – Nord (CEPN) within the CNRS. He is also member of Attac’s scientific board and of the network les Economistes Atterrés.
Sandra Rigot, Research associate – Axis 3 Research Coordinator
Sandra Rigot is an associate professor at the University Paris 13. Her research includes investment funds, their investment strategies, how they are regulated and long-term investment.
Jeanne Amar, Research associate
Jeanne Amar is an associate professor in management sciences at the Côte d’Azur University. She works on sovereign wealth funds, environmental reporting and infrastructure funding.
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Cécile Cézanne, Research associate
Cécile Cézanne is an associate professor at the Côte d’Azur University and a permanent member of the GREDEG. Her research focuses on the economics of the firm and on the economics of innovation.
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Hugues Chenet, Research associate
Hugues Chenet is an associate professor in Climate Change and Sustainability at the IÉSEG School of Management. He is also an associate researcher with the University College London.
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Samira Demaria, Research associate
Samira Demaria is an associate professor at the Côte d’Azur University and a membre of the GREDEG. Her work includes IFRS accounting standards, and on environmental disclosure by CAC 40 companies.
Ivar Ekeland, Research associate
Ivar Ekeland is an emeritus professor at the University of Paris-Dauphine, and a member of the CEREMADE. He is docteur honoris causa from several universities and sciences academies in the world.
Gaëtan Le Quang, Research associate
Gaëtan Le Quang is an associate professor in economic sciences at University Lumière Lyon 2 and a researcher at the GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne. He works on how banks regulation could reconciliate financial stability and ecological transition.
Julien Lefournier, Associate expert
Julien Lefournier, a graduate from the École des Mines de Paris, worked during 25 years in financial markets. He is now an independent consultant, a speaker, and an associate expert with the Institut Veblen. Together with Alain Grandjean, he is the author of L’illusion de la finance verte.
Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier, Research associate
Jean-Stéphane Mésonnier is an economist, and deputy director of the microeconomical and structural studies at the Banque de France. His research includes monetary policies, bank regulation, climate change impact on companies.
Laurence Scialom, Research associate
Laurence Scialom is a professor at the University Paris Nanterre. Her research interests include regulatory capture and conflict of interest in the financial sector as well as on finance transformation in the context of the ecological transition.
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Florian Baudoin, PhD Student
Florian Baudoin focuses on the effects of global warming on the financial system and on the financialized accumulation regimes. His thesis deals with climate stress tests.
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Philippe Devin, PhD Student
Philippe Devin works on a CIFRE thesis, under the direction of Sandra Rigot, on solidarity-based finance within the association FAIR (previously named Finansol).
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Jérôme Deyris, PhD Student
Jérôme Deyris is a PhD student at the University Paris Nanterre, within the EconomiX lab. His thesis focuses on stranded assets, the transition risks associated and macroprudential ways to deal with these risks.
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Axis 4 – Access to Energy

Ahmed Tritah, Research associate – Axis 4 Research Coordinator
Ahmed Tritah is an economist, and an associate professor (HDR) at the Le Mans University. He is a research associate at GAINS, FR CNRS TEPP and IRA.
Raphaël Soubeyran, Research associate – Axis 4 Research Coordinator
Raphaël Soubeyran is a research director in economics at INRAE and director of the UMR Centre d’Économie de l’Environnement – Montpellier. He also contributes to the research axis 1 on Sectoral Policies.
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Akil Amiraly, Research associate
Akil Amiraly is an associate research at the Centre de recherche en gestion (Institut Interdisciplinaire de l’Innovation, Ecole polytechnique-CNRS), as well as at the Earth Institute in Columbia University.
Johanna Choumert-Nkolo, Research associate
Johanna Choumert-Nkolo is the Head of Research at EDI Global. Her research on development economics focuses on questions related to energy, environment and natural resource management, and natural disasters.
Jérémy Tanguy, Research associate
Jérémy Tanguy is an associate professor in economics at the University Savoie Mont Blanc. He is a researcher with the Institut de Recherche en Gestion et Economie (IREGE).
Mboundor Diouf, Doctorant
Mboundor Diouf works on his PhD in economics of natural resources, energy and environment at the University of Poitiers and the chair EIEA Mines Paris PSL-UM6P.
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Alpha Ly, PhD Student
Alpha Ly’s thesis focuses on the low-carbon energy transition in sub-Saharan Africa and in the MENA region. He does his PhD work with the LEDa (Laboratoire d’économie de Dauphine).
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Richard Gilbert Nikiema, PhD Student
Richard Gilbert Nikiema is a PhD Student at the CEE-M, where he works on the interactions between biodiversity and economical development.
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Chloé Saurel, PhD Student
Chloé Saurel works on her thesis under the direction of Ahmed Tritah and Sandra Cavaco, on the impact of rural electrification on health inequalities and inequalities within households in sub-Saharan Africa.
Emma Skalski, PhD Student
Emma Skalski’s thesis at the University of Rennes focuses on changes in the price of agricultural inputs and the determinants and stakes for global food security in a context of climatic hazards.

Other research associates in this axis: Mathieu Couttenier (ENS Lyon), Sébastien Desbureaux (CEE-M), Marie-Hélène Hubert (Université de Rennes, CREM).

This research axis is developed in association with the Climate Economics chair and the Industrial Economy and Emergence of Africa chair.