Presentations of the third workshop on sustainable mobility

The Chair Energy and Prosperity Organized its thirs Workshop on Sustainable Mobility on November 9-10. You can download in this article the workshop’s summary and all the speakers’ presentations.

The Chair Energy and Prosperity Organized its thirs Workshop on Sustainable Mobility on November 9-10. You’ll find hereafter the workshop’s summary and all the speakers’ presentations.

> Workshop on Sustainable Mobility – Summary

Session 1: Evaluation of Public Policies

  • Green Cars Adoption and the Supply of Alternative Fuels, Giulia Pavan (TSE, Toulouse, France). Download here >
  • Evaluating sustainable transportation offers through housing price: a comparative analysis of Nantes urban and periurban/rural areas (France), Julie Bulteau (CEARC, Université Paris-Saclay, France) with Thierry Feuillet and Rémy Le Boennec. Download here >
  • Winners and Losers: Distributional Effects of the French Feebate Policy on the New Car Market, Isis Durrmeyer (TSE, Toulouse, France). Download here >

Session 2: Deployment

  • Charging of electric vehicles: The implications of multiple standards, Mads Greaker (Statistics Norway, Norway). Download here >
  • Dynamics of electric vehicles and renewable power generation : application to New Caledonia, Frédéric Lantz (IFP, Paris, France) with Arash Farnoosh, Maria-Juliana Suarez, Yulu Tian. Download here >
  • Integrating electric vehicles and stationary electricity storages into decentralized energy systems with photovoltaic generation, Patrick Jochem (French-German Institute of Environmental Research and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) with Katrin Seddig, and Johannes Schäuble. Download here >
  • Investment needs of transport infrastructures along low carbon Pathways, Vivien Fisch-Romito (CIRED, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France) with Céline Guivarch. Download here >
  • International spillovers from fuel economy policies, Carolyn Fischer (Resource For the Future, Washington, USA) with Antoine Dechezlepretre. Download here >

Session 3 : Urban transportation

  • Optimal Congestion Pricing with Diverging Long-2 Run and Short-Run Scheduling Preferences, Erik Verhoeff (Tinbergen Institute, The Netherlands). Download here >
  • Electric vehicles and urban transport externalities – is Norway a good example?, Stef Proost (KU Leuven , Belgium). Download here >
  • Electric vs. conventional vehicles: environmental externalities and urban spatial policies, Efthymia Kyriakopoulou (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden) with Wolfgang Habla.   Download here >

Session 4 Policy issues and future research topics

  • Electromobility: Taking stock, looking ahead,  Yannick Perez (RITM, University Paris Saclay, France). Download here >
  • FECV: Growing momentum and Challenges of mass market deployment, Alena Fargère (Economist & Hydrogen Energy Market Analyst, Air Liquide). Download here >
  • Railway system contribution to national electricity sustainability, Guillaume Gazaignes (Innovation & Research Department, SNCF, Paris, France) with Tony Letrouvé. Download here >
  • Decarbonising suburban mobility, Francisco Luciano (Head of the working group on Mobility, The Shift Project, Paris, France) with Nicolas Raillard. Download here >
  • Transport policies in the Ile-de-France Paris Region, Dany Nguyen-Luong (Director of the Department Mobility and Transportation, Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme de l’Ile de France). Download here >