Global Energy Transition and Development: Africa at Crossroads

Mines Paris PSL, 67 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 - Salle Vendôme
17 janvier 2024 to 17 janvier 2024 8:30AM - 6:30PM

The Chairs Energy and Prosperity, Climate Economics and Industrial Economics of Emerging Africa are organizing a joint workshop on January 17, 2024, at the École des Mines.

The transition to sustainable energy, also known as the ecological transition, is occurring at varying rates and in diverse forms and locations. This presents distinct but interlinked challenges for developed and developing nations. On the one hand, the move towards renewable energy could create a positive relationship between environmental protection and developmental progress. On the other hand, a rush on mineral resources could provide a windfall of resources not provided by many forms of international aid so far. At the same time, there is an anticipation of a high demand for fossil resources that is likely to pressure African economies, leading them to depend more on resource-oriented development strategies.

The extraction of resources presents certain challenges that are unique to the context of African economies, such as environmental or political instability issues affecting individuals, communities, and businesses. From the perspective of developed nations, although the demand for resources is increasing, there is also a heightened awareness of issues surrounding resource security (with China being a key player) and the potential adverse effects of resource extraction on the local environment and populations.

The event will address the crucial intersection between global energy transition and development, with a specific focus on exploring effective policy instruments. Our keynote speaker, Rabah Arezki (CNRS, Cerdi, Harvard Kennedy School of Government), will commence the proceedings with an engaging talk and a special dialogue with Christophe Wartel (Director, Infrastructure and Energy, Global Sovereign Advisory). Following that, researchers and industry experts will share insights into the diverse issues surrounding sustainable energy transition and development in Africa. The workshop will also feature ongoing doctoral research presentations. To conclude, a policy session introduced by Mr. Antoine Felix Abdoulaye Diome, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Senegal (to be confirmed), and Mr. Youba Sokona (Former IPCC Vice Chair), will provide firsthand insights from the field and policy actors, enriching future research perspectives,


8h30 – 9h00 Participants welcome

  • 9h00 – 9h15: Introduction (Ahmed Tritah / Raphaël Soubeyran / Anna Créti)
  • 9h15 – 10h15: Keynote/dialogue address Rabah Arezki (CNRS, Cerdi-Ferdi, Harvard Kennedy School, Former Vice President and Chief Economist African Development Bank) – « Energy Transition, Mining, and Finance in Africa »
    Discussion: Christophe Wartel (Director, Infrastructure and Energy, Global Sovereign Advisory)

10h15 – 10h40 Break

  • 10h40 – 11h20: Sébastien Desbureaux (CEE-M, Montpellier), « Accelerating the adoption of green technologies in low-income countries: impact and mechanisms for electric cooking in the D.R. Congo »
  • 11h20 – 12h00: Young researcher session – Alpha Ly (Chaire Economie du Climat, Chaire EIEA, U. Paris Dauphine) « Mobile Money and Power Uptake in Developing Countries »; Mboundor Diouf (Chair EIEA and Chair Energy and Prosperity, UM6P, U. de Poitiers) « Mining and quality of public goods in Sub-Sahara Africa”; Edouard Pignède (Chaire Economie du Climat, AgroParis Tech, Paris Saclay Université) « Artisanal mining and urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa »

12h00 – 13h30 lunch break – doctoral posters
Doctoral poster: Zelie Gankon (Chaire EIEA, Economie du Climat), Chloé Saurel (Chair Energy and Prosperity), Arouna Zorome (Chaire EIEA), Zoegnande Irene (Chaire EIEA), Arouna Kinda (Cerdi)

  • 13h30 – 14h10: Brian Mukhaya (Clean Air Task Force) « Climate Change and Economic Development in Africa A Systematic Review of Energy Transition Research »
  • 14h10 – 14h50: Mathieu Couttenier (Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon) « Dynamic Mapping of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mines from Space »
  • 14h50 – 15h30: Renaud Coulomb (Mines Paris PSL) « Decarbonizing the Global Oil Supply »

15h30- 15h45 Break

15h45 – 17h00: Policy levers and research perspectives: insights from the field
Introductory keynotes (to be confirmed):

Antoine Felix Abdoulaye Diome, Ministre du pétrole et des Energies, République du Sénégal

Sokona Youba, Former IPCC Vice Chair


Overall takeaways and closing remarks: Rabah Arezki, Pierre Noël Giraud