International Conference on Mobility Challenges

Ecole CentraleSupélec Université Paris Saclay
6 décembre 2018 to 7 décembre 2018 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Land transportation for passengers and merchandises is one of the major sources of CO2 emissions worldwide and urban toxic particles (NOx, fine particles…). Emissions are barely declining in OCDE countries and bound to grow in emerging countries due to the increase in standards of living and urbanization. This situation creates an important challenge for the mitigation of climate change and the preservation of human health: new technologies have been launched, a set of complementary policies has been designed both national and local, and consuming habits are changing.

Coordinators: Jean-Pierre Ponssard (Chair Energy and Prosperity) and Yannick Perez (Chair Armand Peugeot)


Thursday 6 December Plenary Sessions

  • 9h-10h30: Plenary session 1- Analyzing Demand for New mobility patterns .
  • 11h-12h30: Plenary session 2 – Electromobility and local and/or national Policies

Lunch Break: 12h30-14h00

  • 14h-15h30: Plenary session 3 – Infrastructures developments for electromobility
  • 16h-18h: Round Table – Lessons from the Past and challenges for the Future

18h15: cocktail and Conference diner in At Home

Friday 7 December Parallel Sessions
From 9h-10h30

  • Session 1: Electric Vehicles and Distribution Grids: Emilia Suomalainen
  • Session 2: Infrastructures and investments: Jean-Pierre Ponssard
  • Session 3: Autonomous Electric Vehicle: Guy Fournier
  • Session 4: Business models and Vehicule to potential usages: Willett Kempton

From 11h-12h30

  • Session 5: Autonomous Vehicles: Danielle Attias
  • Session 6: Distribution System Operators and EVs: Marc Petit
  • Session 7: Incentives and Willingness to pay: Guilio Calabrese
  • Session 8: Autonomous vehicles and transportation system: Jan Lepoutre

General information

The conference is jointly organized by the Chair Energy and Prosperity and the Chair Armand Peugeot

Timing : December 6-7 2018

Location : Ecole CentraleSupélec Université Paris Saclay

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