International Conference on Mobility Challenges – Presentations and event report

You can download here the speakers presentations and the report of the panel session.

The Chair Energy and Prosperity Chair organized on Decembre 14, an international webconference on mobility challenges in partnership with the Chair Armand Peugeot Chair and Climate Economics Chair.

Coordinators: Marc Baudry (Paris Nanterre University), Silvia Concettini (Tours University), Anna Creti (Paris Dauphine University), Jan Lepoutre (ESSEC), Guy Meunier (INRAE),  Marc Petit (CentraleSupélec), Yannick Perez (CentraleSupélec), Jean-Pierre Ponssard (École Polytechnique

Scope of the conference

The restrictions put in place to limit the diffusion of Covid-19 have had an unprecedent impact on all forms of transport, from cars and public transport in cities, to buses, trains and planes, both at national and international levels. Two interdependent key questions need be addressed: is the sector facing permanent shifts and how the crisis can be exploited to favor the transition toward a more sustainable mobility. Researchers, industry experts, and policy makers from public, private, and civil society were invited to expose their view and analysis on current potentials, new windows of opportunities and discuss policy options based on cutting-edge research.

Programme and speakers presentations

9h00 – 10h45: Academic session 1

Chairwoman: Anna Creti (Paris Dauphine University/Climate Economics Chair)

  • Christina Littlejohn (Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, University of Munich), « International freight trucking: carbon leakage arising from incongruous national and EU-wide carbon emissions standards » – Download the speeker’s presentation
  • Rim Rejeb (Grenoble Applied Economics Lab – GAEL), « Is the impact of transport modes on health an individual determinant of transport mode choice? » (with Bouscasse, H., Mathy, S. and Treibich, C.) – Download the speeker’s presentation
  • Katherine Farrow (OECD), « Environmental implications of the proliferation of high-occupancy shared mobility services» (with Tikoudis, I., Bouyssou, C.G., Oueslati, W., Martinez, L. and Petrik, O.)

11h00 – 12h45: Panel session

Chairman: Pierre Sedze (journaliste-conférencier)

  • Cécile Goubet (Secretary General of the French Electric Mobility Development Association)
  • Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega (Director of the Energy and Climate Centre at Ifri)
  • Nicolas Beaumont (Senior VP Sustainable Development and Mobility at Michelin)
  • Jean-Baptiste Pernot (Chief Operating Officer Automotive Cell Cie – Total and PSA Group)
  • Laurence Debrincat (Director Forecasting and Research at Île-de-France)

> Download the panel session’s report

14h00 – 15h45: Academic session 2

Chairman: Bernard Sahut (Groupe PSA)

16h00 – 17h45: Academic session 3

Chairman: Juan Pablo Montero (PUC Chile)

  • Shanjun Li (Cornell University), « Efficiency and Equity Impacts of Urban Transportation Policies with Equilibrium Sorting»
  • Knut Einar Rosendahl (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), « Two competing, incompatible networks: The tradeoff between network effects and product differentiation » (with Andreassen, G.L.) – Download the speeker’s presentation
  • Vincent Viguié (CIRED), « Anticipating transit-induced changes in social composition of neighborhoods: an application to the Grand Paris Express » – Download the speeker’s presentation
  • Edouard Civel (Ecole Polytechnique & Climate Economics Chair), « Stranded to be? Diesel ban and used car markets » (with Hoarau, Q.)