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Coupled Climate–Economy–Biosphere (CoCEB) model – Part 1: Abatement efficacy of low-carbon technologies

The CoCEB model is used to evaluate hypotheses on the long-term effect of investment in emission abatement, and on the comparative efficacy of different approaches to abatement. While many studies in the literature treat abatement costs as an unproductive loss of income, we show that mitigation costs do slow down economic growth over the next few decades, but only up to the mid-21st century or even earlier; growth reduction is compensated later on by having avoided climate negative impacts

The Impact of Randomness on the Distribution of Wealth: Some Economic Aspects of the Wright-Fisher Diffusion Process

Article published in Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (August 2017). Abstract. In this paper we consider some elementary and fair zero-sum games...