Monthly Archives: September 2021

From words to deeds? Climate change and the European Central Bank

Using textual analysis methods, we study how the topic of climate change has appeared and evolved in the speeches of the ECB’s Executive Board members since 1997.

It takes two to dance: Institutional dynamics and climate-related financial policies

This article studies how institutional dynamics might affect and be affected by the implementation of climate-related financial policies.

Better safe than sorry: macroprudential policy, Covid 19 and climate change

This article point out why current banking regulation is not adequate to face risks whose origin is grounded outside financial markets and offer avenues for reforming macroprudential regulation.

La finance durable : Où en est la recherche académique ?

L’objectif de cet article est de faire un état des lieux des travaux sur la finance durable à travers une analyse bibliométrique de la base de données WoS entre 1981 et 2018.

Why finance professionals hold green and brown assets? A lab-in-the-field experiment

We assess the impact of environmental externalities on portfolio decisions in a lab-inthe-field experiment on finance professionals and students. Subjects show pro-environmental preferences, with...