Monthly Archives: December 2017

National Carbon Reduction Commitments: Identifying the Most Consensual Burden Sharing

How could the burden of GHG emission reduction be shared among countries? The article address this arguably basic question by purely statistical methods that do not rely on any normative judgment about the criteria according to which it should be answered.

Economic networks: Heterogeneity-induced vulnerability and loss of synchronization

Interconnected systems are prone to propagation of disturbances, which can undermine their resilience to external perturbations. Propagation dynamics can clearly be affected by potential time delays in the underlying processes. We investigate how such delays influence the resilience of production networks facing disruption of supply.

Doctoral Thesis – Macroeconomists and the stagflation. Essays on macroeconomy’s transformation in the 1970’e

This thesis’ goal is to study the influence of New Classical economists on macroeconomics in the 1970s, by appealing to an historiographical framework which puts at the heart the role played by the stagflation, and by confronting the results of this work to the standard narrative.