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Thèse – Economic growth, energy use and climate change : a historical and prospective approach

Achieving the energy shift requires an evolution of the structural and financial structures to develop, finance, and deploy low-carbon assets. Based on a historical and prospective approach, this PhD thesis develops four essays devoted to an analysis of the viability of the energy shift within the framework of a structural approach.

Thèse – Déploiement des énergies renouvelables : déterminants globaux et financement participatif en france

The focus of this thesis is the French renewable energy crowdfunding sector because it has experienced a strong growth in the context of a favorable regulatory environment. I conduct a case study of a French crowdfunding platform specialized in renewable energy projects to better understand its business model and the risks associated with it.

How can strategy reformulation and CSR initiatives converge? The case of BOP

This paper investigates a case in which, on paper, the green lights were everywhere. Yet after more than 10 years of existence, the program remains in a stalemate status.The paper identifies three main organiszational barriers.

Economic impacts of a glacial period: a thought experiment to assess the disconnect between econometrics and climate sciences

After discussing the weaknesses of the aggregated statistical approach to estimate economic damage, we conclude that, if these functions cannot reasonably be trusted for such a large cooling, they should not be considered to provide relevant information on potential damage in the case of a warming of similar magnitude, as projected in the case of unabated greenhouse gases.